Sunday, June 24, 2012

Basic Earflap beanie

Aah! How long it has been. I have been gathering content for my blog, so now I am slowly and steadily going to unleash it all! Brace yourselves!

I go through long periods during which I have clear thinking, a to do list and an ability to accomplish things. Then are are phases when I am preoccupied, taking forever to do simple things and creating a huge mess (literally) in the process. Does this happen to any of you? Well, thankfully I am experiencing a creative, getting things done phase.

So here is a hat I crocheted up a few weeks ago that I am finally writing about.
I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes which I had leftover from a sweater I had made for my daughter. The colors I used were: Rouge, Blossom heather and Avocado. I like this yarn because although it is wool it is not itchy. My pet peeve when using wool based yarns is the scratch factor. Plus, it is reasonably priced, cheaper than a lot of acrylics out there. I really do like to use natural yarns whenever possible.

Where did the superb pattern come from you ask? I wish I could take credit, but it is by one of my favorite designer Scotti Oxford a.ka. Inner Hooker. You can visit her blog at where you can find more of her amazing work and musings. She is currently hosting an Afghan Sampler crochet along, which I am participating in and a blog post on that to follow. 

So I started out using the pattern size for toddler, But since I hate gauge swatches and perhaps the Wool of the Andes is thicker or may be it's my hooking skills, this ended up being quite large! It fits me pretty snugly. But I think may be a big kid or teenager is a better end user of this hat. Here is the hat again
I love the stripe detail, which was not in the pattern but I did not have enough of the Rouge yarn! "Necessity is the mother of invention" or substitution in this case. So I simply added two rows of Avocado double crochet and two of blossom heather double crochet.

I would have like the braids on the earflaps to be a bit chunkier but I really wanted to work with the yrn I had and not purchase more.

All in all very happy with how this hat turned out!


  1. Cute hat! I love pink and green together. I crochet also, but I've recently started sewing.

  2. thanks! I learnt sewing way back when I studied fashion design. I can't wait to get a sewing machine, may be when I have some room for it. Right now the yarn is taking over!