Monday, March 26, 2012

Starting over

It is spring time! Which means it is two years since I first started my blog and then never kept up with it. My baby who quickly became a toddler and now is almost a preschooler has kept me on my toes! While, prioritizing and reprioritizing the mundane, everyday things; "me time" or any time for creativity has fallen to the bottom of the list.

In the meantime however, this frugalista has evolved! I have sneaked in some time to pick up and hone my knitting skills, I have bettered myself as a cook and definitely evolved as a frugalista. I have realized that style extends beyond a wardrobe. It is a part of everything we do. In this self search I have found a number of lovely blogs that inspire and motivate me everyday.

I would love to pick up where I left off and evolve frugalistastyle into a blog that explores all the things that interest, inspire and intrigue me. Because after all, only change is constant.

Oh, and I have also found a fresh, new look! Thanks to that has some fun and chic blog backgrounds.
And last but not the least, this is my first entry as a newbie on Debbiedoo's newbie link party!