Monday, April 2, 2012

Grill pan chicken with mushroom sauce & garlicky asparagus My entry into Wow Me Wednesday sponsored by Appliances Online and Bosch Washing Machines

Every now and again, I get bored of the same old kitchen concoctions and seek out new ideas and recipes. Recently, we scored a free subscription to Cooking Light magazine and I am just so thrilled about it. Clearly, they can think of so many ways to jazz up chicken.

This particular recipe is for grill pan chicken with a mushroom sauce and garlicky asparagus.

This is what mine looked like versus theirs.
My version of Grill pan chicken with mushroom sauce 
 To save myself from washing couple of extra pans, I pan steamed the asparagus. To shave a few more calories from the sauce recipe, I substituted Smart Balance for the butter. I served this with a side of Kasha which is made out of whole grain buckwheat. This was an easy way to get in our whole grains for the day!

This is what was cooking in our kitchen! What's cooking in yours? I'd love to know!

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  1. I am sure yours was every bit as tasty. As for the photos? Yours was fine. They have mega dollar cameras and highly paid professionals. I have heard that sometimes their food is sometimes painted or clear coated to look more appealing. Whatever. So glad you shared your tempting treat on this week's BeColorful